RIAW a research institute of Sookmyung Women’s University, was established on the 1st of September 1960, as the first women-related institute in the Republic of Korea.

RIAW with a history of almost half a century is committed to the following:

In order to achieve the above objectives RIAW is:
RIAW plays a central role as an institute researching woman-related affairs by publishing books, collecting research materials, holding symposiums and academic seminars, and establishing academic exchanges among women all around the world.
Furthermore, RIAW has been doing its best to have various researches and develop specific strategies for gender equality; in legal, political, educational, economic, and cultural areas. RIAW has done various researches to prepare the foundation for woman policies through researches on the status and role of women in Korea and around the world. In order to recognize, analyze, and provide suggestions for effectively solving women-related issues, RIAW constantly seeks to establish the common ground for theories and practices for elevating women’s status in the Korean society. This is done through publishing books, holding academic events both nationally and internationally, and having cultural projects.

Currently, RIAW has one assistant administrator, one senior researcher, one research professor, six researchers, and three research assistants, who perform research tasks, operate the institute, and push for projects.