Research Institute of Asian Women seeks submissions for the papers on gender issues with feminist perspective to be issued in the Korean academic journal 『The Journal of Asian Women』 (a registered journal of KRF) which is issued twice a year (May 31st / November 30th). Expression of interest by professors and scholars (PhD Candidate) would be highly appreciated.

1.Theses issued in 『The Journal of Asian Women』 are limited to issues related to gender equality such as women-related
issues, feminism, and women’s studies, and should be original, not published in other journals or publications.
2.Submissions to the 『The Journal of Asian Women』 can only be made by doctorate holders
3.Directions on submission procedure given by the 『Journal of Asian Women』 must be strictly adhered to
4.The issuance of theses should follow the Journal’s regulations on thesis publication and examination.

- Open subject: Theses on women-related issues with feminist perspective

1.Deadline of the Application for Thesis Submission: January 31 (for the issue on May 31) / July 31 (for the issue on
November 30) of each year
2.Deadline of Thesis Submission: February 28 / August 31 of each year
3.Quantity: Within 140 sheets of manuscript papers (around 20 sheets of A4 paper). The maximum quantity should not
exceed 180 sheets of manuscript papers (25 sheets of A4 paper).
4. The publication fee should be paid for the papers published in 『The Journal of Asian Women』
5.Contact: Research Institute of Asian Women, Sookmyung Women’s University
Tel: 02-6325-3154
File Attachment : 논문투고신청서

- Volume 53, No. 2 will be published on November 30, 2014, and Volume 54, No. 1 on May 31, 2015
- Theses for 『Journal of Asian Women』 may be submitted throughout the year.