ㆍTitle Asian Women Vol.34 No.3
Gender Attitudes among “Involuntary” Bachelors and Married Men in Disadvantaged and High Sex Ratio Settings: A Study in Rural Shaanxi, China / Isabelle Attané, Lisa Eklund, & Qunlin Zhang   View

How Does Spousal Support Affect Women’s Quality of Life in the Postpartum Period in Turkish Culture? / Ayşe Sevim Akbay & Emel Taşçı-Duran   View

The Role of Social Capital in Shaping Policy Non-compliance for Chhaupadi Practice in Nepal / Miyang Jun & Ikhyun Jang   View

Reclaiming Mother—Son Relationships on Mothers’ Own Terms: Margaret Forster’s Mothers’ Boys and Rosellen Brown’s Before and After / Yi-lin Yu   View

Why Are North Korean Women More Likely to Defect than North Korean Men? / Kieun Sung & Sunwoong Cho   View

A Critical Analysis of South Korea’s ODA Projects for Gender Equality / Eun Kyung Kim & Yehrhee Shim   View

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