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** Call for Paper for 2021 Special Issue - Gendered Innovation in Asia

Asian Women would like to cordially invite papers dealing with the academic issues related to Gendered Innovation in Asia for the Special Issue of 2021.

For a long time, feminists have asserted that scientists, engineers, and policy makers have to consider gender as an important variable in their tasks. The fields of science, health, medicine, technology, engineering, and environment have gradually recognized the importance of gender perspective in its theorizing, experiments, evaluations, and applications, which is now conceptualized as Gendered Innovaiton. This can enhance the creativity, applicability, safety, diversity, sustainability, and the gender equality of the fields. Although the Gendered Innovation now became one of major national gender equality project and academic agenda in many Asian countries, their diverse contidions and situations are not well known.

This special issue aims to provide an academic forum for the researchers who have keen interest in the issues of science, techonology, education, and gender in the global as well as in Asian contexts. We would welcome any theoretical or empirical research with the feminist perspectives for the issues related to the topics below

Topic examples

  • - Local policies on SDGs and gendered innovation
  • - New trends in Feminist STS/technoscience studies
  • - Gender-neutral labs and research environment
  • - Climate changes and gender inequality
  • - Gendered Artificial Intelligence and human-nonhuman Interaction
  • - Hormone replacement industries and gender norms
  • - Untact technologies and women's lives in the pandemic era
  • - Technologies of sexual reproduction, re-assignment, body changes and cyborg
  • - Feminist analysis of medical technology
    • * Proposals for the special issue should be submitted by January 31st, 2021 (A4 MS word, 1-2 pages, abstract of 250-300 words, 4-5 key words, title, author’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address).
    • * Full papers of selected proposals should be submitted by April, 30th, 2021. All papers must adhere to Asian Women’s Manuscript Submission Guidelines.
    • * The special issue will be published on December 31st 2021. If you have any inquiries regarding your submission, please contact the managing editor, Research Institute of Asian Women, Sookmyung Women’s University, #412 Sookmyung Professional Building, Chungparo 47 Na Gil 36, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 04309, South Korea or email at