Year Topic Remark
2018.04.26 Multiplicity and Multi-layeredness of Re-adaptation after Migration; focusing on women and children Domestic Conference
2017.12.01 Human Rights and Identity in the age of extremism International Conference
2017.04.28 Human Rights and Peace in multicultural society Domestic Conference
2016.10.07 Multicultural Society with the Next Generation International Conference
2016.05.13 Universality and Uniqueness of Human rights in North Korea Domestic Conference
2015.10.08 Rethinking Multiculturalism in times of crisis International Conference
2015.08.24 Policy and implementation Plan for the Decade of Multicultural Korea Domestic Conference
2014.11.07 Social Networking and Coexistence amongst Immigrants Domestic Conference
2014.09.19 Current Status and Future of Multicultural Society and Related Policy Domestic Conference
2014.05.16 Possibilities for Social Integration of Migrants in Multicultural Korea World Day Conference
2013.10.11 Migrant Integration Policy Index International Conference
2013.10.06 Use and Issues of ICT in a Multicultural Society International Conference
2013.06.05 Multicultural Korean Society, seeking social Integration in a Multicultural Korea World Day Conference
2013.05.10 Multiculturalism and Media Literacy Domestic Conference
2012.10.11 International Human Rights NGOs and Multicultural Society International Conference
2012.05.11 Role of International Human Rights NGOs and Democracy Domestic Conference